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Daily Roundup
Receive daily emails detailing your total sales for the previous day along with a breakdown of each product sold.

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Receive an email alert when someone places an order.

Currency Codes
FastWagon supports the following currency codes:

Australian Dollar (A $) AUD
Canadian Dollar (C $) CAD
Euro (€) EUR
British Pound (£) GBP
Czech Koruna CZK
Japanese Yen (¥) JPY
New Zealand Dollar ($) NZD
Swiss Franc CHF
Hong Kong Dollar ($) HKD
Singapore Dollar ($) SGD
Swedish Krona SEK
Danish Krone DKK
Polish Zloty PLN
Norwegian Krone NOK
Hungarian Forint HUF
Israeli New Shekel ILS
Mexican Peso MXN
U.S. Dollar ($) USD


Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about FastWagon.