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About FastWagon

What is FastWagon?
FastWagon is a simple, secure and efficient way to sell & distribute your digital downloads. We take care of the file storage, delivery and security.

All you need to do is upload your file and add the code to your site or FaceBook page!

Why do you use Amazon S3 for file storage?
Amazon S3 storage is reliable, critically acclaimed and is becoming the industry standard for file hosting. Other servers cannot match the scalability, security and download speeds provided by Amazon S3. For more information about Amazon S3, click here.

What payment methods does FastWagon Support?
Google Checkout, PayPal & PayPal Web Payments Pro (Direct Credit Card Payments)

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Web Payments Pro

Who developed FastWagon?
FastWagon is a service designed and developed by, a website design and application development company. We developed FastWagon after seeing a need for a cost-effective and user-friendly method to sell and distribute digital downloads.

How much does it cost?
$12/month. See pricing for more details.

How can I contact FastWagon if I have a problem using the service?
Email us anytime at

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